My Blogging Process

Today, I'll tell you the story behind every blog post I write, the process involved in turning my ideas into scribbles, then drafts, and finally, blog posts! There's a blog post in everyone, every place, and every moment shared, and it seems I see this blog post shortly after midnight every day. LOL. I have… Continue reading My Blogging Process


9Perspectives || Who is a Writer?

Two weeks ago, a friend on Facebook threw an open question that stirred up trouble and controversy from his followers. He asked: “Must you be skilled in writing before you can call yourself a writer?” If you say yes, why, then, do we find the “writer” label in the bios of people who have terrible… Continue reading 9Perspectives || Who is a Writer?


Things to Do Before Hitting The “Publish” Button

In a blog post I published five months ago, I described how my blogging process starts from seeking inspiration and ideas, to developing the ideas, then writing the blog post, and adding some final touches to it before finally hitting the “publish” button. Every blogger has a blogging process of his own and yours may… Continue reading Things to Do Before Hitting The “Publish” Button


How to Beat Writer’s Block: 5 Tips That Help

Some say it's a myth, but whether or not that's true, it's no doubt something all writers face. You just can't escape it. You sit back in your chair, chewing your pen and staring at your notebook with an expression that's just as blank as the sheet in front of you. When you write something,… Continue reading How to Beat Writer’s Block: 5 Tips That Help

Life and Inspiration

Should You Give Up on Your Dream?

There comes a time in our lives when our challenges seem more than we can handle and we're faced with the option of staying strong, striving to achieve a dream that we believe in, or giving up, which would be the much easier approach to take. It's at times like this that self-doubt creeps in… Continue reading Should You Give Up on Your Dream?


5 Bad Blogging Habits That’s Ruining Your Blog

Five bad blogging habits that's ruining your blog – I'm guilty of the first habit.


My Top 5 Favourite Mobile Apps

I have close to ninety applications installed on my phone and just five of them are games; the rest are system apps and some other applications I either downloaded to keep me busy when I'm bored – like my Moon+ Reader – or to help me write and blog more professionally. Of the few apps… Continue reading My Top 5 Favourite Mobile Apps

Life and Inspiration

How to Deal with Toxic Parents

There's nothing worse than being emotionally abused, unless you're being abused by the very people who raised you – your parents. Undoubtedly, it's the goal of almost every parent to ensure that his child is happy, successful, and has a decent upbringing, but what happens when your parents are so blinded by their love and… Continue reading How to Deal with Toxic Parents


I’m Sorry I Disappointed You

I feel like a disappointment and failure to you, my readers. In fact, before I read Esther's blog post three days ago, I was very confused – I didn't know what to write or how to write it. I feel terribly guilty for a lot of things, most especially for failing to keep my promise.… Continue reading I’m Sorry I Disappointed You


Rose had been quite suspicious of her friend's marriage to the tycoon, Charles. She was sure that Lily, was going through an excruciating amount of redundant torture but she couldn't quite place a finger on what it was exactly. It was the little things that went on with Lily few weeks after her marriage. The… Continue reading

Life and Inspiration

Open Letter to Every Teen || You Can Be Everything You Want to Be

As kids, the future was a beautiful, frightening thing to look forward to, and as kids, we all wanted to be doctors and lawyers. We didn't want to know how possible or impossible that was, we just wanted to be doctors and lawyers so badly. And then, time happened: years passed and we became teenagers.… Continue reading Open Letter to Every Teen || You Can Be Everything You Want to Be


Loving likeness

I woke up on George's bed with boxes of pizza scattered on the floor and empty plastic bottles of mineral. The TV was on. George was partially on the bed with his legs splayed on the floor. I rolled over and reached for his phone. 10:43am. I sat up, rubbed my eyes and stretched, last… Continue reading Loving likeness