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Is Pornography A Sin?

The word, pornography, when mentioned or seen, commands a diversity of reactions, views and opinions. What are your thoughts on pornography? Do you think acting and watching pornographic films is a sin? I believe it is! And not just a sin, but also a morally degrading act that ensnares you in a trap of guilty… Continue reading Is Pornography A Sin?


Kate anticipated dusk, The condensing sun brought much thrill to her. It was the day she had been waiting for since the day of her marriage with Kola. It was their first anniversary and they both wanted it to be special and quiet. At exactly 8:00pm, Segun would walk in through the front door to… Continue reading

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Guest Post | Like A Breath

I thank you, Chidi Emmanuel Chinonso, for this beautiful piece. LIKE A BREATH... The new boy in class was odd, he didn't speak to anyone and of course, wasn't spoken to either for a forthnight. He was imposing, not short and possessed eyes that outdid the luminous beads of a rosary, eyes that only left… Continue reading Guest Post | Like A Breath

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I Took A Pen For Granted

I would be needing a new pen soon. This one's ink depletes too quickly. I'm given to pedantry by nature and I've got four pens that I use for specific purposes. One is red, another is black, and the last two are two different shades of blue. I use the red to underline important text… Continue reading I Took A Pen For Granted

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Can I Trust You?

Just how much should you be trusted? And how much should I be willing to sacrifice just to defend and vouch for you? Today, I remembered an incident that occurred last year in a school I used to work. It is a primary school and I was a part-time teacher there. I didn't earn much… Continue reading Can I Trust You?


“The voices”

I'm taking a shower in my five billion dollar bathroom. I hear screams, penetrative screams enough to burst my ear drums. There's no one else at home. I try to mull over where the screams are coming from. It's definitely not from a neighbor. I don't have a neighbor. They moved two weeks ago. I… Continue reading “The voices”

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See what my plans for today are, and feel free to share yours.


Week Of Mourning In Offa Community

I'm pained this afternoon and offer my condolences to the families of the victims of Thursday's bitter incident in Offa Local Government Area, Kwara State. I was following up on the story yesterday and I learnt that the death toll has increased to 30 persons. The incident has stirred up awareness nationwide and many active… Continue reading Week Of Mourning In Offa Community


The guy stigma

I am a guy and the society believes that, I'm weak when I let my emotions show. No one cares when I'm beaten to a pulp. They want me to be strong and heal faster like, we are not all humans. They believe, I can't be raped. That's why there's no campaign for rape against… Continue reading The guy stigma

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That Long Haul To Success

The easiest thing you can do in life is give up on something, on someone, on your dreams. It's also the worst thing you can do to yourself. Today's prompt reminded me of a story I read on Facebook some years ago. A man wanted to teach his ten-year-old son some life lessons so he… Continue reading That Long Haul To Success


Why do people research stuffs about people they dislike?

Most people tend to research stuffs about something or someone they hate as much as they research someone or something they love. But they don't just know it. There's this craving, this feeling they have to know more about something they despise. That's why, you hear stories about someone stalking and reading your posts but… Continue reading Why do people research stuffs about people they dislike?


What’s Your Blogging Story?

I remember when I first started blogging early July last year. Unlike many other bloggers, getting "that perfect name" for the blog was easier than easy! This is only because I had got the name, 'Shards of Bards', long before I started blogging or knew what blogging even was! I got the name in my… Continue reading What’s Your Blogging Story?