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9Perspectives// Premarital Sex — Yay or Nay? (Answers)

The English dictionary defines "moral" as "conforming to a standard of right behavior; sanctioned by or operative on one's conscience or ethical judgement." After further study, I've come to understand the word, "moral", as the codes generally adhered to, and principles generally followed by a particular group of people, in a particular location. So, what… Continue reading 9Perspectives// Premarital Sex — Yay or Nay? (Answers)

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I Met The Moon Goddess

NIGHTINGALE Young lover, do tell, why the winsome smile? Or is it, perhaps, that you dream again? ME 'Tis not a dream, sweet singer of the night; But I smile at the thought of my short tale. NIGHTINGALE O dreamer, as you smile, do tell it too That I may fain learn to jolly with… Continue reading I Met The Moon Goddess


We’re all neophytes.

Shards of Bards

“Amy, it’s a bright Saturday afternoon. What are you doing here all by yourself?”


“Oh…. About what, if I may ask?”

“Everything, John! Everything! The winter formal; the essay contest; my big dreams after school… Everything… ”

“Hmm…. You seem upset, Amy”

“I am upset! I can’t seem to be good at whatever I do.”

“Whoever told you that, Amy?”

“No one did. But I’ve seen Mark play the harp better than I do. Also, the marvel of Rosa’s sketches always makes mine to fade away. And you! Everyone knows you’re graced with the skills of an expert writer. But me? I’m nothing more than a novice in everything I do. A neophyte. Maybe even less.”

“Well, you’re right, Amy.”

“I know.”

“Mark’s harp is the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard, it could make voices bleed”

“I know.”

“And I’ve never seen or heard about any who could sketch…

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All Things Black And Beautiful

Shards of Bards

All things black and colourful…

The Artist.

He doesn’t sketch people.
He traces emotions, and smudges feelings.
With every stroke his pen makes,
He marks a flawless smile; shades the faintest fault;
Erases that “flawless” mask; and adorns the darkness beneath with flourishes…..
He doesn’t just sketch people…. He creates them.

All things black and wonderful….

The Potter.

He doesn’t mould clay.
He stares at the least presentable substances, and picks the least presentable of them all.
Then, with his hands, he teaches it to adapt to his imagination.
And transforms their flaws — their scars — into something unimaginable; something wonderful — something presentable….
No, he doesn’t mould…. He perfects.

All things black and beautiful…

The Writer.

He doesn’t write words.
He sits by the window, peering and smiling at nothingness.
His entity lives in this world,
But his essence lives in another —
His mind….
It is…

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Happy New Year

Finally! Happy New Year!

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What Is Christmas To You?

There's this thing I do on Christmas day every year that has become a Christmas tradition for me. It's watching Home Alone, the movie (Part 1-4), and reading (or watching) Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. The feeling it gives me never gets old. It's just too bad I can't do either of the two today… Continue reading What Is Christmas To You?

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Good Morning Copycats!

Image credit: CARTOON STOCK Before you read this one, just know that I'll be ranting from the very beginning to the end. I'm vexed right now. There's this set of people that really annoys me. They make and take decisions and actions without giving the consequences of their actions much thought. You might have run… Continue reading Good Morning Copycats!

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Life For Rent

I fear death, but what I fear more is dying. I've witnessed many people die slowly. Gradually. But I've never really watched them die. I've never watched anyone breathe his last. I also have never seen a dead body in real life. Even when my grandma died, I insisted I wasn't shown her body. Because I'm scared of death, and what scares me more is dying.

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Renewed! Redefined!

My cert and degrees, I would give to my Dad. I'm not exaggerating when I say I started writing this post at the point where I was almost crying, but I'm typing this now with a smile on my face. Today, I give up...... I give up in a way that's healthy. I really can't… Continue reading Renewed! Redefined!


He Just Had To Write

Serenity -- something I've always wanted... Hey, guys! It's been a while, right? I don't know what's wrong with me; I just seem to have lost the zeal and motivation to write or blog. My default excuse has always been that 'I'm busy', but I've come to realise that it's just some silly excuse with… Continue reading He Just Had To Write

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9Perspectives // Premarital Sex — Yay or Nay? (Question)

Hey everyone! A happy Sunday to you! This is the first episode of 9Perspectives and "excited" doesn't come close to how I feel right now. I just hope I get the kind of reaction I want. If you don't know what 9Perspectives is all about, kindly click here. And now, before anything... DISCLAIMER This is… Continue reading 9Perspectives // Premarital Sex — Yay or Nay? (Question)

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We Are Shadows

Perhaps, lost. Perhaps, concealed. Perhaps, varnished..... We never sleep. We are Shadows We walk freely through the darkness. Away from the light that burns us. Light destroys shadows, Although it can help create them. But darkness? It hides shadows So you don't see us coming. For Jessy...