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To Strut Or Not To Strut?

Thank you for motivating me, Swastika.

Everyday, life throws us challenging questions. In fact, everyday is a question.

Should I do it? Can I do it? Will I do it?

All these are questions with about a million possible answers: yes, no, possibly, possibly not…..

Life threw a hard question at me today.

They say it’s when you’re all alone (comfy in a serene environment) that you really start to work towards achieving your dreams.

Did they forget to mention that it’s also during that time that you get to realize the impossibility in achieving your dreams? The impossibility being the possibility of a failure, a setback, a vain effort. Did they forget to mention that it’s that time you think about those too?

Everyday, I sit, writing; thinking; wishing; hoping; praying; believing, and of course, doubting. And people see it as a selfish act carried out by a selfish person whose pride wouldn’t allow him to spend time with them. With others.

What they don’t realize is that even in the depths of my idleness, I am busy. Far more busy than I’d like to be to be honest. Busy answering life’s questions with my own questions.

Should I not do it? Can I not do it? Will I not do it?

Part of me wants to sit here all day and cry inwardly, hoping that someone with the answers — the right answers — might come my way. Another part of me wants to get up, feign boldness, and strut my way to the movies, a party or whatever stuff kids my age do to ignore their problems (if they have problems)

And so, here I am, with my mind battling for the right answer to life’s question for me today

“To strut or not to strut?”

I don’t know if it’s a good thing to hope that I’m not the only one feeling this way. Am I? Am I not? Do you feel this way, or maybe know someone that does? Do you have the answers I seek? Share your thoughts with me. It might help me (and others out there) a lot more than you think.

10 thoughts on “To Strut Or Not To Strut?”

  1. Excellent. You have bared your heart out!. Actually speaking most of us fight everyday in this way! Think about myself or think about others? I too did this, but now I feel that we should think about ourselves too while not ignoring others. Because if you are good and happy then only you can help others. My realisation came when I fall sick and my near and dears told me to take care of myself. None said I will look after you…..haha…….funny. Isnt it? Anyways….gist is …try not to feel sad. Stay happy. Sometimes with yourself and sometimes with others. Bye.

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    1. Thank you, Swastika. Your post, The strut way of life, was a Nassib eye opener for me. Along with this comment too. I use to say that we were all living, breathing quotes, and that the quote I am is (I’ll paraphrase) not everyone smiling with you is okay on the inside. But I guess, knowing I’m not alone and that there are others like me really did it for me yesterday. Again, thank you, Swastika. Do have a wonderful day (or night, I don’t know what time it is there). Bye.

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  2. Great post! You certainly aren’t alone. We all go through moments of “yes, I can.” And just as quickly those thoughts can turn to self-doubt. It’s the latter you have to worry about. If you continue to pay attention to the self-doubt, that voice just keeps getting louder until prevent you from accomplishing

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  3. Thank you so much Obinna for writing this …It actually gives more inspiration and frankly speaking you really are not alone bikoz i mean to say that even at time i came in situation like that but never give up dr……..always keep your beautiful smile like u did said 🌸

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    1. Aww.. Thank you, Avïsha! Thank you for your words of encouragement. Ever since I dropped this post, I’ve got positive responses, and have found that I’m not really alone in this world. Thanks for reading, I appreciate that gesture and the kind words you left here.


  4. Strut! I have a link in my site with a ted talk about body language. Fake it until you make it. Very quickly your doubts will be replaced with the knowledge that you are powerful and amazing! Strut your stuff as you step into your power!

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  5. Sadly, you’re not alone. This feeling has become a skin I wear always that has made me lose my sense of direction. Often times, I feel like giving up, but for the likes of you, I’m still up, fighting.
    Strut, Obinna. Strut.
    And I’d love to say a big thank you for this article. I’m inspired

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