All Things Black And Beautiful

All things black and colourful…

The Artist.

He doesn’t sketch people.
He traces emotions, and smudges feelings.
With every stroke his pen makes,
He marks a flawless smile; shades the faintest fault;
Erases that “flawless” mask; and adorns the darkness beneath with flourishes…..
He doesn’t just sketch people…. He creates them.

All things black and wonderful….

The Potter.

He doesn’t mould clay.
He stares at the least presentable substances, and picks the least presentable of them all.
Then, with his hands, he teaches it to adapt to his imagination.
And transforms their flaws — their scars — into something unimaginable; something wonderful — something presentable….
No, he doesn’t mould…. He perfects.

All things black and beautiful…

The Writer.

He doesn’t write words.
He sits by the window, peering and smiling at nothingness.
His entity lives in this world,
But his essence lives in another —
His mind….
It is in that world that he creates accidents on purpose; perfects imperfections; twists the laws of nature; sketches the Artists; and moulds the Potter.
Just by staring into nothingness….
And he doesn’t just write words…. He creates worlds.

I am black. I am beautiful. But aren’t we all?


20 thoughts on “All Things Black And Beautiful”

    1. The sketch isn’t mine. 😊
      I sketch too, but didn’t have the time to sketch that day, so I looked for a similar sketch online. Thanks for reading, and for the kind words too. 😊

      I’d be honored to have you reblog my post. 😇

      Liked by 1 person

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