On Every Dying Wood…

Five years ago, on Christmas day, I went mushroom hunting with my little cousins. I cherished every minute spent with them as we only saw ourselves a week every year. This was because we lived very far apart.

Like every other activity we did together, mushroom hunting proved to be more fun than I had imagined! Although, I hated mushrooms at the time (I couldn’t tell the poisonous ones from the edible ones). Still, I fell in love with mushrooms after our first spicy kiss…. And now, it’s something I’ll NEVER stop eating.

My best part of mushroom hunting was when we were cooking it. Then my grandma would say, “On every dying wood, is a mushroom that gives life”. A quote that was always followed by a short story. And whether she was right or wrong about mushroom appearing on every dying wood, I cherished that quote nonetheless.

But that was just how my grandma was. Even outside the kitchen, she always saw the best in people — Especially when they didn’t deserve it.

My grandma passed on late June, last year, after battling with a stroke for four painstaking years. She was a dying wood, but she made sure to live many mushrooms to give life to the world she left behind. Her children, and us, her grandchildren. And we’ll flaunt her legacy and everything she stood for, for as long as we live.

Mushroom and proud!

4 thoughts on “On Every Dying Wood…”

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