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That Particular Atmosphere.

I missed yesterday’s daily prompt. It’s not like I was busy or I didn’t see it…. I just wasn’t in the mood to write anything. And since I’m the kind of person that writes because I want to, not because I have to, I ignored yesterday’s prompt.

Even today, I’m not in a swell mood to write. (I’m going through a tough phase in my life right now that it’s even affecting my thinking. And if I can’t think properly, I can’t write properly). I was about to give up on today’s prompt when I got an idea 💡.

Why don’t I just merge yesterday’s prompt (atmospherical) with today’s prompt (particular) to make a blog post?
Like, instead of me not writing today because of the dull atmosphere, I’ll write about the kind of atmosphere that puts me in “writing mood

IT’S USUALLY EARLY in the morning, or late at night that I’m inspired to write. I always feel like I can feed on the dark’s energy (no pun intended) and bleed out my feelings — my thoughts and emotions — out on paper. I think it’s because of the serenity coupled with that feeling of security… No one’s watching me think, write….. cry..

THE DARK DOES it for me in many ways than one. I also love star gazing. I can’t start to count the number of poems, articles and blog posts I’ve written just after staring at a starlit sky. When it puts me in moods, the mesmerizing atmosphere often finds a way of relating to my writing…..

HAPPY SOUNDS OR no sounds at all! I can’t imagine writing in a noisy environment! Most people find it difficult to write (or read) with music in the background. I find it difficult to write (or read) without listening to music. And I don’t know if I can ever do the both without listening to music. Well yeah, I can actually. But whatever I write in total silence doesn’t always measure up to other stuffs I write whilst listening to music. Although, the reverse is the case most times….

RED AND YELLOW! Have you ever really watched the sun set? It takes time and dedication, and is quite boooring, I won’t lie to you BUT! — It’s worth the effort. Daily Post blog updates their daily prompt in the morning. On my side of the planet, it’s a few hours before dusk. So, I’m now used to peering at the sun (rather than the stars, or the moon) for inspiration, and appreciating the beauty that’s been in front of me the whole time! And it works most of the time. I now realize what I’ve been missing….

DEVOID OF NEGATIVE thoughts and energy… I never write after a quarrel. Or after anything that gets me angry or moody. I also never write when I’m depressed, or when I’m worried about something. I just drift into sleep. Whatever I write during this time often ends up in the waste bin…

LASTLY, I CAN’T write on an empty stomach! I can’t imagine dreaming about me thinking of writing on an empty stomach! 😂 Yeah, that’s just how important food is to me. I’m a foodie, and in my opinion, food is the second most essential factor in every man’s life (after God)…. Writing on an empty stomach always results in posts with empty content (or something like that) …

That’s the particular atmosphere that puts me in a “writing mood“. And I’ve got that atmosphere today, but still don’t feel like writing anything. That aside, I’ve shared the things that pushes me to write — my sources of inspiration… I’d like to know yours. What’s that particular atmosphere that puts you in a “writing mood“?


2 thoughts on “That Particular Atmosphere.”

  1. Beautiful way to pen you thoughts when you really don’t feel like. I’m the lazy writer myself, and music never will be a prompt in those lazy moments. Maybe a prompt, but not the friend who whips my ass to spin some words. But after being a slug, the realisation swiftly sets in: you are a writer and thus, must write, else, you’re a blaady wannabe.

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