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Renewed! Redefined!

My cert and degrees, I would give to my Dad.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I started writing this post at the point where I was almost crying, but I’m typing this now with a smile on my face.

Today, I give up…… I give up in a way that’s healthy.

I really can’t write much, and I know my post would be a bit sketchy, but you can’t blame me. I’m still as depressed as I’m trying as much as possible to pretend I’m not depressed. I would just like to say a few things to any parent reading this, or anyone who would like to be a parent later in the future.

Never underestimate the potential; talents; dreams; zeal for those dreams; opinions and ideas of your children. It would only make matters worse for them unlike you would believe.

Granted, our parents brought us into this world, there are some areas of our lives that they don’t necessarily have to make the rules that we must follow. In my opinion, parents are to drive their children to embrace their calling and achieve their dreams. Or help them discover their calling, if they haven’t already…. Not the other way around.

I wish I was as strong and audacious as I am now, five years ago. My life would have been a lot better now, to be honest. But I’m glad now anyway!

Because I’m done! Done living my life for someone else.

I’ve decided to live my life for myself, the way I want it to be. And funny enough, my dad is okay with it. So, an advice to every teenager out there in a similar predicament:

  • Let your anger, sorrow, desperation and depression be turned into a single word — NO!

No, to living your life for someone else.

No, to dying in silence.

No, to following a thorny path on barefoot.

I’ve redefined my definition of success. Success is me being a journalist and published writer. I would study medical laboratory science for Dad anyway, then I would give him his certificate and degrees after I’m done.

So, yeah, Parents and teenagers, I think I’ve given you something to think about tonight. I would hate to see or hear about anyone else who’s going through an ordeal like mine. It’s very painful.

I’m glad I finally found the strength to redefine my definition of success.

What about you though? What’s your calling? And what’s your definition of success? Do you have a story (sweet or sour) behind it? I would love to know.


22 thoughts on “Renewed! Redefined!”

  1. I literally had to stop myself from crying when reading this post… I’m done too, I’m done trying to please others to my disadvantage, I’m done wishing that I’m someone else, I’m done feeling miserable and sorry for myself!!! I’m gonna arise and shine…and make my parents and siblings proud!

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    1. I’m very happy you’ve chosen the right path, and made the right decision. One thing I’ve learnt is that, when you fail in whatever path your parents lay down for you, they would still be the ones to criticize you. I’d rather follow my path, as you’ve chosen to do now. I hope things work out in your favour. Good luck to you!
      Advice others facing a similar situation. 😊


    1. I’m glad you read this one, Beckie! As always, Daddy probably thought he knew the best for you. As mine thinks the path he’s set for me is the best.
      I’m glad you shared your story with me.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. It’s worst with African parents. I don’t know who told Them to choose for us. Man! I was done a long time ago and I am Just being myself right now. And I so thank God for The miracle he did in my life years back. If not, I would have committed suicide as if studying medicine is by force.

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    1. Heyyyyy…. Suicide? It was that bad? I’m really sorry it got to that stage. African parents can be frustrating at times. There’s no argument about that one. I’m also glad God did a miracle in your life. Else, the world would have lost an amazing blogger. 😊


  4. Good for you. At the end of the day it’s your life.. and regardless of what you do, people will still talk so you might as well make YOURSELF happy in that process lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    I know my calling is to support and inspire others. I work at that trough my blog and whilst training to become an accredited therapist. Nothing beats fulfilment. Never allow anyone to stop you from being who God destined you to be

    Merry Christmas!

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  5. Late read, but I’m glad that you’ve overcome this dark past, and you’re now living free! This serves as an inspiration for another teenager who can relate to your stories.

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