I’m Sorry I Disappointed You

I feel like a disappointment and failure to you, my readers. In fact, before I read Esther’s blog post three days ago, I was very confused – I didn’t know what to write or how to write it. I feel terribly guilty for a lot of things, most especially for failing to keep my promise.

I promised to publish the answers to last month’s question on 9Perspectives on the 9th of this month, but I didn’t. I’m just as guilty for not committing to my blogging goals.

I remember when I resumed blogging some months ago and made some changes on the blog, one of which was my plan to post three times every week. Later on, I realised that my frequency wouldn’t work so I cut it down to one post every week. I’m yet to achieve that goal, aren’t I?

What happened to me?

I lost focus. I forgot my blogging purpose, why I started the blog, why I loved blogging. I let my personal problems and my blog’s poor growth discourage me, and for that I’m very sorry.

I’m thrilled now that I’ve written this post, though. At first, I didn’t know what to say to you guys. I didn’t know whether to apologise to you or to continue blogging, pretending like nothing ever happened. Lucky for me, Esther’s post helped me figure it all out.

They say blogging isn’t a chore, still I’ll try to consistently stick to my frequency of a minimum of four posts every month. Thank you for your constant support. Have a happy Wednesday.

I love you so much, dear Reader.

16 thoughts on “I’m Sorry I Disappointed You”

  1. I understand this a totally. Thank goodness you are back on track and you came back in the right way – apologizing. It’s no chore, it is purpose. Another thing, these things will pass dearie, you just gotta stay strong; fighting! (Koreans way in the movies😁)

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  2. Yaaaaaay, I am happy you are back on track. Try to find a routine and blogging frequency that works for you so that you can keep a steady momentum. No rush and pressure, just find a comfortable routine. This is so that you are not stripped off the joy of blogging. Cheers!

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  3. Don’t stress. It will just make you dislike blogging. Don’t treat it as a chore.
    You said you lost focus – that’s a great observation. Find it again. Remind yourself why you started writing in the first place.
    I’m glad Esther’s post kicked you back into gear.
    Life takes over. I most definitely know how that is. It’s hard for me to find time to blog nowadays. I thought I would have figured out a new routine by now, but I still haven’t, so I struggle. But I DO want to blog. Maybe try reading your first post to remind yourself “why”. I feel bad for not sticking to my set goals, too, but I don’t beat myself too much about it. Those set plans motivate me, but ultimately I set those goals and I can adjust them.

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  4. I suffer from same,I go on hiatus from my blog and I had that goal of 3 times a week which turned do once a week lol,but I have bounced back, I try to write whenever,wherever and just save it for later

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    1. Honestly, I checked your blog last week, and the week before that. I was wondering what had happened to you. You just went AWOL. But you’re back now and that’s all that matters, and I’m very glad you’re back. Yay! You’ve bounced back 😁
      I hope you achieve greatness this time round. 😏


  5. No apology needed, we have all had those times where personal lives affect our blogging. It can be a pleasure but in truth there are times it can become a chore. I started my blog five years and in those first 3 years I blogged sporadically, and with little attention to detail.

    I found it depressing at times. Two years ago I decided to shake it all up. It has taken until this year before I really felt like I had a handle on my blog.

    One thing I did that has made such a big difference and has allowed me to move from 1 post a week, to 3 posts a week (and 1 guest post a week) was creating and using a Content Calendar.

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    1. I probably should use a Content Calendar, then. You’ve been blogging for five years? Wow! You’ve come a long way and you’ve got a beautiful blog, too.

      I hope that, like you, I find the pleasure in blogging consistently soon. Thank you for reading, Ari.

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