Will I miss 2018?

Even though 2018 was a far cry from what I had hoped it would be, I still had an exciting experience. One thing I particularly liked about this year was the difficult decisions I made.

At the beginning of this year, I promised myself that 2018 would be the year I would step outside my comfort zone and try all the things I was scared — or should I say, uncomfortable doing. I promised myself that I would make some new friends for a change, and stop shutting myself off from the rest of the world, too.

I also was determined to learn how to speak confidently in front of an audience, which was next to impossible, considering I had a terrible case of stage fright. But despite the problems and difficulties, I went out of my way to achieve (almost) all the goals I had set for this year. I feel fulfilled.

Will I miss 2018?

Yes, I certainly will. This year was an exciting year, inasmuch as it presented me with more challenges than I could have ever hoped for. There were times when I wanted to throw in the towel, but constantly reminding myself of the feeling of fulfillment I would have – the feeling of fulfillment I have now – if I saw my goals through somehow boosted my morale.

But 2018 also had its good times, like that time in August when I signed up for a digital art workshop and ended up increasing my circle of friends; or that time in November when I had my first sleepover at my friend’s place – or that beautiful Sunday morning when I got news that I had finally gained admission to the university of my choice.

Truly, 2018 was a good year, but once again, a new year is almost upon us. And as much as we love (or hate) this year, we have to say our goodbyes to it and prepare ourselves for whatever next year will present to us.

For some of us, 2019 is, erm… – what do you call it? – a redemption season: a second chance to make up for everything we failed to achieve this year.

Unfortunately, not everyone had an enjoyable experience this year. Some of us aren’t too happy with the choices we made this year. Some of us feel we could have done better; we believe things could have turned out better, and that we didn’t make the most of this year.

It’s all right to feel remorseful that things didn’t go according to plan, but it’s useless to dwell on the things we can’t change. Rather than dwell on all that negativity, let us find the willpower to make the most of next year and make it count for something.

I am extremely grateful to everyone that was a part of my 2018 journey: both the ones who encouraged me when I badly needed support and encouragement, and the ones who were bent on making life difficult for me. In your own way, you have taught me to be patient, resilient and optimistic – you have made me become a better person.

This year was nothing short of amazing and I sincerely hope next year turns out even better, with more opportunities and accomplishments, and possibly less challenges.

Thank you all for making 2018 an unforgettable year. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

Stay productive always!

3 thoughts on “Will I miss 2018?”

  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Though, I think we will talk in the next week, or so.
    For me, this year brought a lot of decisions, choices and changes. So far, they seem to be positive. I’ve also crossed off a major dream off my list this year, too. While I could have done more, I have to say that I’m pretty pleased.

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    1. I’m happy you managed to achieve your dream, Goldie! 2018 is a difficult year and if you succeeded in achieving a major dream, I believe that counts for something. And hey, we’ve got next year to make up for the goals and dreams we couldn’t achieve this year. 😉
      I hope you’re enjoying your Christmas.

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