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Introducing — *Drumroll* — the “Would You Rather?” Blog Series

Of all the games I play on social media, I love playing “Would You Rather” the most. Not only is this game fun, but it’s also a great way to learn more about people and their preferences — which is why I’ve decided to make it a blog series, at least until I run out of questions to ask.

So if you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time during quarantine, I’m inviting you to join me every Friday by 6 p.m. WAT to play this interesting game. While most “Would You Rather” questions are either weird, disgusting, funny or controversial, the questions I’ll ask on my blog will be mostly related to blogging and writing. (Though I can’t promise you that I won’t occasionally ask gross questions. *grins devilishly*)

So What Would You Rather Do?

  1. Would you rather publish one blog post every week that’s lengthy and well edited or publish four blog posts every week that are short and poorly edited?
  2. Would you rather lose the ability to upload media files to your blog or lose the ability to add links to your blog?
  3. Would you rather have 100 followers and lots of engagement or have 10,000 followers and very little engagement?

I look forward to seeing your answers! Meanwhile, if you have any “Would You Rather” questions you would love me to ask in an episode of the series, feel free to send in your suggestions via my contact page.


42 thoughts on “Introducing — *Drumroll* — the “Would You Rather?” Blog Series”

  1. depends on what’s on my mind. I usually do more of short posts that are well edited.
    would rather lose add media option.
    would rather have 100 followers with lots of engagement
    how about you?

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    1. These are very interesting answers.

      It’s difficult for me to answer the first question because, like you, I always edit my posts thoroughly, whether they’re short or lengthy. But if I had to choose . . . then I’m posting one lengthy post every week that’s well edited.

      As for the other two questions, my answers are the same as yours. I’d rather lose the ‘add media’ option than lose the ability to add links to my blog. And I also prefer a large engagement to a large following.

      Thank you so much for sharing your answers, Saumya! Have yourself a wonderful weekend.

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    2. My answers are exactly the same as yours, Saumya. That first question is a real doozy; I don’t think lengthy posts are a good idea — nobody reads them — but ‘poorly edited’ is a sure-fire way to lose a reader’s interest.

      As for ‘media vs links’ — the Internet is built on links. If you can’t have them, the whole thing falls apart.

      And, yes, engagement is what it’s all about. 10,000 silent followers would not be much fun!

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      1. Ah, but if your lengthy posts are engaging from the first sentence to the very last, I know I’d love to read them. Unfortunately, very few lengthy posts are that way these days.

        I’m with you on your other answers! Losing the ‘embed link’ feature would be awful, but probably not as bad as having a large following and nothing to show for it.

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      2. I find that lengthy posts work only if it’s an informative blog. You need to have a niche blog in that case. So your audience gets limited as per your niche

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    1. Interesting…
      You’re the first person I’m seeing that prefers images to links. I’m curious as to why you’d rather lose the ability to add links. Is it because you hardly ever link to other posts and pages in your posts? Or are pictures essential to the kind of posts you write?

      (By the way, I just tried visiting your blog via the link embedded in your name, but, for some reason, it didn’t work. Can you kindly share your blog URL in your reply?)


      1. Pictures are very important to me, my personality(I’m a picture freak plus I love visual representation) and my blog. They always tell the story better and I’ll also like to share my nicely taken smartphone pictures with my audience. There’s a category on my blog solely for sharing my experiences through photographs it’s called “photoscapades”🙃.

        I’m starting my blog afresh and so there’s nothing yet.

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        1. “Photoscapades” sounds to me like an exciting and adventurous tour.

          Since you said you’re starting your blog afresh, I’ll look forward to seeing your new blog posts, especially your photos. I’m sure they’re as good as you say they are, if not better. 😊

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            1. I’m excited already! 😋
              Please, don’t hesitate to let me know the day you finally start blogging again. You can reach out to me by commenting on any of my posts or via my contact page.

              Have a wonderful weekend, Ini. 🌸


            1. Look who’s talking. 😏
              I’m truly flattered by your compliment. Thank you, too, for participating in this blogging series. I hope to see you again next Friday. 🌸


  2. I’d rather have a daily, well-edited post. I don’t like your two choices on this one! I’d rather have 1,000 followers with lots of engagement. Here again, I don’t choose to select fro your either/or! Would you rather have rutabaga or parsnips??

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    1. Why, you rebel! You just had to find a compromise between both options, didn’t you!? And in all three cases, too! Ugh!

      Oh, well. I like a defiant soul, so I’ll allow it.

      Regarding your question, I wouldn’t know, to be honest…
      We don’t really grow rutabagas and parsnips here in Nigeria, but I know that we import them. So I’ve never really had either one of the two before.

      What are they like, though? And which one do you prefer?

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  3. A fun idea to engage many.
    These questions are easy. Thanks for starting us off with something simple.
    1. Long posts. Of course.
    2. I don’t care about the media. Links, please.
    3. Engagement is most important to me.

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    1. Thanks a lot, Goldie. I’m glad you like it.

      Somehow, I just knew what your answers would be. Anyone who has been your follower for at least a week would surely have an idea what you value most in blogging. I can’t imagine you prioritising quantity over quality.

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    1. Oh, wow. You’re the first and only person who has picked the second option in the first question. I hope you don’t mind my asking, but is it because you’re not big on edits or because you’d rather post more than once every week?

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      1. I tend to write short, more frequent posts anyway. And the way I figure it, if I’m writing less words and thus can obsess over every word AS I write it, then much editing isn’t really required.

        That said, I scanned even this comment several times, searching for any glaring errors… So then again, I might be a little doomed not being allowed any editing. 😅

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  4. Love this idea…sounds fun truly.
    To answer:
    I would rather a well edited post once a week. Only because of the well edited* option included.
    Lose media option
    I’m here for the engagement!!
    Nice idea Obi…looking forward to more.

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    1. Hey, Cyn! It’s so good to hear from you again. I’m glad you love the idea and even gladder that you participated in this week’s episode.

      And, look! Your answers are exactly the same as mine! I’m also here for the engagement. I can’t imagine having so many followers and so few interactions. It would kill my morale.

      It’s good to see that we have this much in common. I’ll look forward to seeing you again next Friday. Have a wonderful weekend, Cyn!

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  5. The first question is easy since I already post one highly-edited, long post each week. 😉 I pick images over hyperlinks if I have to choose. Lastly, I’d rather have 100 engaged followers.

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    1. Aha! It seems that nobody would rather have a large following, if it means their followers will be unsupportive. It’s good to know where your values lie. 😉

      Thank you so much for sharing your answers, Lily! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you. 🌸

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  6. 1. I’d rather upload one long blog post
    2. Media files can go, please😂. It’s texts and links>>pictures for me
    3. 100 followers with engagements. I’ve always fancied small & meaningful circles.

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