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‘Would You Rather’ Weekly Series — Episode #3

It’s been exactly three weeks since I announced my starting the Would You Rather blog series, and we’ve had two successful episodes since then. Admittedly, we should have had three episodes, but I was confronted with certain unforeseen challenges last week that disrupted my blogging life.

While I haven’t dealt with these challenges, I couldn’t stand by and watch another Friday go by without my hosting an episode of the series. If this is your first time on my blog, and you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, it’s pretty simple — every Friday by 6 p.m. WAT, I ask my readers three tricky questions that are usually related to writing and blogging.

The last episode we tackled was quite tougher than the one before it, but, luckily, this week’s questions are a lot easier.

So What Would You Rather Do?

  1. Would you rather be a popular blogger who is hated by many people or an unsung blogger who is loved by the few people that know you?
  2. Would you rather spend a whole day with your favourite bloggers or have a night out with your blog’s biggest supporters?
  3. Would you rather have an amazing personality but terrible writing skills or have a horrible personality with excellent writing skills?

Now, remember, there are no right or wrong answers to ‘ethical’ questions like these ones. So don’t feel ashamed to share your answers if you see other people picking options that are different from yours. After all, the goal of this blog series is to help us get to know ourselves better and to have fun while we’re at it.

So what are your answers?


33 thoughts on “‘Would You Rather’ Weekly Series — Episode #3”

  1. 1. Never choose hate!
    2. You know I never choose one when I can have both: I want the whole day and the night out with my favorite bloggers and biggest supporters all getting acquainted!
    3. Again, can’t choose between those… don’t want either. I want an amazing personality and excellent writing skills. Who wants to read what a person with a horrible personality writes anyway?

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  2. Well, off the top of my head, I wouldn’t want to be hated because it invites trolls to wreck havoc with one’s life. That is one thing I truly abhor about SM and the internet. The potential hate also automatically censors one’s true thoughts and feelings. On the same token, since I cherish close friends and don’t waste my time on superficial relationships, I am happy to have consistent followers who comment. I like to connect with people and feel that we have developed a more meaningful relationship than simply blogger and follower. No preference or commentary on the last 2 questions.

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    1. I totally get what you mean. You know, just three weeks ago, I deactivated my Facebook and froze my WhatsApp due to the toxicity on that space. As sensitive as I am, I can only take too much hate before finally breaking down. That’s why, like you, I would always choose meaningful relationships over popularity any time, any day.

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      1. Glad to hear it. So much, I wish there was a site or news channel that would be truly objective with open, thoughtful dialogue. I gave up mainstream media years ago when everyone began shouting over each other, only offering their opinions, and sensationalizing even the weather. If you ever find such an outlet, please let me know. :-0

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        1. *sigh* I don’t think such a platform exists at the moment, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled and my fingers crossed. If you happen to find one before I do, please let me know. You’re not the only one who has given up on mainstream media.

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          1. Somewhere I did find a “good news” site but of course I can’t recall at the moment exactly where it was…and it wasn’t the type of platform where the public could participate. But, right now, I’d take any good news I can get (unless it’s fake of course). 🙂

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  3. I would like to think if forced to choose I’d choose widespread influence and hated by some. I am entirely too sensitive and could probably benefit from having some people hate me. I would only hope they’d be hating me for the right reasons. Being despised for being a despicable person doing despicable things … not good. But being hated for standing for something good … I would wear it like a badge of honor.

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    1. That actually makes sense. It’s just like what people say: “If you’re not being criticized for something you’re doing, then you’re probably doing it wrong.” The hate and criticisms — all that negative energy, when directed at you from many people, can get overwhelming sometimes. But if you develop some thick skin and constantly reassure yourself that what you’re doing is right, you should be fine in the end.

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  4. Hmm, this is very tricky!
    1. I guess it depends how you define popular. If you have lots of followers, does that not mean that they like you or like what you are blogging about? I want to reach more people so I go for hated, but popular.
    2. I want to have a night out with my supporters. I can pick their brains about what they like about my blog, my writing, my style etc. And I want to meet the people in person that I have come to grow closer to, that make an effort reading and also commenting.
    3. I go for the amazing personality. You can always learn to acquire good writing skills.

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    1. I don’t think we can call bloggers who have lots of followers popular, unless all those followers are engaging their blog. But I can totally relate to your answers, especially that second one. Just like you, I want to reach out to a large number of people, but I’m too sensitive to deal with hate from so many people. Also, I’d rather spend some time with my blog’s biggest supporters than do otherwise. After all, they’re the ones keeping me going.

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  5. 1: Unsung. I probably wouldn’t be able to handle being popular anyway, and that mass kind of attention doesn’t mean as much to me.
    2 is hard to answer, because for me, they’re one and the same; that is, my favorite bloggers are also my biggest supporters.
    3: Amazing personality, please. All the writing skills in the world can’t help you if you’re just plain shallow and/or uninteresting.

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    1. Our first and third answers are one and the same — I’d pick the same options you did for the same reasons that you gave. I think you’re one lucky person to have your favourite bloggers also be your biggest supporters. The majority of my favourite bloggers don’t even know I exist….

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      1. Well, I can be sort of shy, even on the internet. It can be hard for me to warm up to unfamiliar blogs; but with a writer whose “voice” is already familiar, it’s easier. Thus, I’m most comfortable (and most look forward to) reading things from those whose names and comments I’ve seen across weeks, months, and even years on my own blog.

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  6. I’d go with the unsung blogger who is loved by the few people that know me. Hate doesn’t have a place in the world (let alone the world of blogging), although we all know how to deal with trolls and those who leave offensive comments. Just mark them as spam and block them. Never respond to them.

    For question two, I’d go for a whole day with your favourite bloggers. In fact, it’s something I’ve done several times when ‘The Bloggers Bash’ was active. A group of bloggers would meet up in London once a year and have a day with each other. It was great meeting the people behind the blogs, and some beautiful friendships were made.

    I’d go for having a horrible personality with excellent writing skills. I’m an introvert and tend to shy away from meeting people I have never come into contact with before. I can always work on my personality. Meanwhile, as for all the cash I’d make from all the excellent writing; I’d put that to some good use – may be getting some help in improving my personally?

    Thanks for asking some more great questions, Obinna.

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    1. I admire you for your strength, Hugh. I deal with trolls the same way that you do, but unfortunately, I dwell on their criticisms much longer than you probably do. Though I’m trying my best to develop a thicker skin to offensive comments. (You would think that blogging for nearly three years would teach me to shun harsh criticisms. But sadly, that isn’t the case.)

      ‘The Bloggers Bash’ sounds like something I would have loved to do if I stayed in London. I’ve thought of hosting meetings like this here in Lagos, but I lack the influence and resources to achieve something this huge. I tried searching for Nigerian bloggers who are hosting this sort of event, but, surprisingly, I couldn’t find any. Or, well, the ones I found aren’t based in Nigeria. Nevertheless, I still won’t give up on this dream — someday, I’ll host a party-cum-meeting for my favourite bloggers and any other blogger who wishes to attend.

      What you said about using the money you’d earn from writing to improve your personality made me smile. It’s a win-win situation for you.

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  7. Hey Obi! Hope all is well at your end.
    Here goes the tough questions..hehe
    I’ll rather be loved by few people…
    I will rather spend time with my biggest supporters and get to know them.
    Hmm tough. But I’ll rather have an amazing personality. I can always get someone to edit my terrible writing skills. Hehe.
    Have a blessed week!

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    1. Happy Saturday, Cyn! Things are going quite well over here. I hope it’s just the same (or much better) for you.

      These are all interesting answers you’ve shared, and they’re exactly the same for me! I would love to be known (for my good deeds) by a lot of people, but when hatred and toxicity enters the equation, I’d rather just be known and loved by a few people. It’s the same reason why I’d rather have terrible writing skills than have a horrible personality — just as I hate interacting with toxic people, I’d also hate to negatively affect other people.

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  8. 1. Unsung hero. I don’t think I could handle a constant barrage of hostility.
    2. My fave bloggers and biggest supporters are practically the same group of people, haha, but I guess I would pick going out with supporters.
    3. As much as I love writing and editing, character is more important than skills–I’d rather have a good personality!

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    1. Wonderful answers, Lily! Thank you for answering my questions honestly. It’s really nice to know where your values lie.

      As the game host, I probably don’t have to choose. But if I decided to, you can bet that my answers will be exactly the same as yours.


  9. So many replies! Nice.
    I wanted to say that I did notice that you missed a post but since I was somewhat busy myself, I could not yell at you.
    Glad you brought yourself back on track!

    (People need to start answering these questions as A or B instead of “Both!”)

    1. I like to think that I’m an unsung blogger right now. [Maybe I am just delusional but I appreciate the connections I’ve formed with certain people (like you).] I’m loving it. However, I wouldn’t mind becoming more popular. If I could live off my blogging, that’d be great! People already hate me so it would be nothing new. Bring it on!

    2. WIR said it well – my favorite bloggers are also my supporters and I think that’s awesome. To try and answer the question: I have to say that I wrote the answer to this question a few times, every time deleting it all. OK, one more time. Let me try to explain. First of all, there is no blog that I consider “godly.” I don’t look up to anyone. I prefer the down to earth bloggers. I imagine that if I enjoyed someone’s blog but never really interacted with them virtually, I would not want to talk to them in person. I’d love to hang out with my readers because of the selfish reason – they like what I have to say. However, that’s not the only reason. The bigger one is that we get along and have things in common, and like to learn about one another. Does it answer your question?

    3. Great personality. Why? Because that would get me far in life. Great writing doesn’t guarantee that.

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    1. Hey, Goldie! My apologies for the late reply. It’s been a rough week for me. Thank you for going easy on me, but feel free not to next time (LOL). Oftentimes, I need someone to push me to do the things I’m supposed to do. I see you’ve published the second part of your story. I’m excited to read it!
      Now, to your answers…

      1. I totally dig your mindset! I like to think that I’m quickly reaching that stage where I won’t care much about the toxic opinions (and comments) people form about me. Thankfully, Twitter is really helping me with that. Lately, I’ve become more vocal than I used to be, and it’s all because I decided to start contributing to certain controversial topics, instead of staying silent while it eats me up inside. Even when people rudely disagree with me, I don’t apologise for my opinions like I used to. Instead, I stand by them, just as I should.

      2. It does! I just realized that of all the people I once considered to be my favourite bloggers, I interact with only a few of them today. And funnily enough, the ones I still interact with are amongst my blog’s top readers, so I can relate to your answer, more than I’d thought at first.

      3. That’s a wise choice.

      Thank you always, Goldie. Not just for answering my questions, but also for picking one out of the two options. I imagine it’s often a difficult choice, which is why I’m so grateful.

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  10. 1. No contest, I would rather be unknown.

    2. Crazy thing is my best supporters are usually bloggers and so its for them to be my favourite bloggers too.

    3. A winning personality trumps excellent writing… people will connect with you and will overlook the writing flaws and if you keep at it you writing will improve.


    PS But then been thinking about that hypocrite post… I could be lying and pretend I dont want fame no matter the cost, say all the right sounding things but just wait till I get 10000000000 followers then I will need special gloves to type out things AND start saying how all publicity is good publicity and people will pay to hang out with me in the VIP section with Hi_speed Internet

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    1. I completely agree with your third answer, and I can so much relate to your other answers, too, since it’s just the same for me.

      Concerning your postscript, I somehow doubt that you’d do that when you get that many followers. I mean, you don’t strike me as a power-crazy blogger. But I guess it’s true that power and fame can bring out someone’s true identity or personality, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out. Until then, keep being the unsung but supportive blogger that you are.


  11. Ah, this feels like a Celebrity version of ‘Would You Rather’

    1. I’d rather lay low and get love from the few people who know me. Their support means everything.

    2. I’m spending a night out with my supporters. You know this saying, “Don’t ever meet your heroes”? I don’t have any proof, but I tend to stick with it. I might have big expectations from my favourite bloggers, and there are high chances that the perfect picture I had in my head would be wrong. Plus, I’d really like to meet the people who’d like my stuff.

    3. I’d rather have a beautiful personality. One way or another, it’s going to reflect on my writing and it’ll be appreciated by the right person(s)


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