Launched in September 2017 and rebranded nearly a year later, Shards of Bards has transformed remarkably from a personal chatter blog to a personal development blog for every writer and blogger who wishes to improve their writing or blogging skills with little stress and time.

As you may already know, my name is Obinna Anyaibe, but you can call me Shards instead — everyone calls me that. I’m a writer, proofreader and copyeditor.

When I’m not blogging, writing or editing articles for my clients, you can find me reading, watching movies, or educating Muggles on the culture and traditions we members of the wizarding world like to practise.

What is Shards of Bards?

I started this blog in September 2017, two months after I abandoned my first blog, when I was struggling with depression and anxiety. Back then, all I wanted was an escape from reality. I needed a platform that I could use to connect with the rest of the world, and starting a blog seemed like the smartest option at the time.

Shards of Bards figuratively means ‘many poets.’ The original idea was to build a community of poets who, when they worked together, would be a creative force to reckon with. (This idea was adapted from my imagination of broken shards of a glass bottle coming together to form the bottle again.)

Sadly, over time, I discovered that poetry wasn’t what I wanted to do. And even when I finally found my blog’s purpose, ‘Shards of Bards’ had already become a big part of my life. So much that even when I stopped sharing poetry on my blog, I just couldn’t think of giving my blog another name.

Shards of Bards — well, this rebranded version — is a holistic personal-development blog whose content majorly spans the categories of writing, blogging, and productivity. Though I occasionally share articles about life, too.

Starting this blog was the best decision I made 2017, and the journey has been a fulfilling, learning experience so far. I’m grateful for the supportive community of bloggers I have and for this wonderful platform where I can easily connect with people from all over the world to discuss the topics that interest us.

Speaking of ‘connecting’, if you’re a writer or blogger (or both), I’m happy to announce that I’m now collaborating with writers and bloggers. So if ever you wish for us to work together, you can always reach out to me via my contact page.

If this is your first time here on Shards of Bards, feel free to explore the blog and read a couple of articles that resonate with your interests. It would mean a lot to me if you subscribed to my blog before leaving ss that you can get regular blog post updates in your email.

But if you’d rather say hello, make inquiries about my blog, suggest topics for me to write about or talk about something else, you can always reach out to me via my contact page or, better yet, in the comments section below.

See you around, then!

– Shards.


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