I Hate Christmas??

I'm not scared of death anymore. Maybe, that's a lie right now, but I'll keep saying that until I believe it's true. Death isn't something to be scared of. It's just a dark, seemingly lonely passage that leads to another life. A better life. Death visited my aunt last night, and she followed him to… Continue reading I Hate Christmas??

Life and Inspiration

Life For Rent

I fear death, but what I fear more is dying. I've witnessed many people die slowly. Gradually. But I've never really watched them die. I've never watched anyone breathe his last. I also have never seen a dead body in real life. Even when my grandma died, I insisted I wasn't shown her body. Because I'm scared of death, and what scares me more is dying.


On Every Dying Wood…

Five years ago, on Christmas day, I went mushroom hunting with my little cousins. I cherished every minute spent with them as we only saw ourselves a week every year. This was because we lived very far apart. Like every other activity we did together, mushroom hunting proved to be more fun than I had… Continue reading On Every Dying Wood…