New Year, Old Me

For many of us Nigerians, the year 2020 comprised only four months: January, Pandemic, Violence, and December. Some people argue that January was the only good month we had last year, and how could I not agree? January was the month we got Bad Boys for Life. It was the month we narrowly averted what… Continue reading New Year, Old Me

Life and Inspiration

2020: Redemption Season

I could start by making excuses for my long absence and for the commitments that I made to my readers but failed to fulfill. I might even begin with a review of last year's many challenges and how I reacted in the face of every one of them. Then again, I could start by apologising… Continue reading 2020: Redemption Season


New Year Resolutions And New Blog Series!

Well, hello there! Happy New Year and a Happy New Month to you! I hope things are working out fine for you. Things are going smoothly on my side of the planet, and 2018 looks like a great year already. I did something new today. Something you probably do every year; I wrote down my… Continue reading New Year Resolutions And New Blog Series!


11 Commas And A Full stop.

If you're reading this post, I'm more than happy we made it into year 2018! Last year was sooo amazing! During the course of last year, I met a lot of interesting people that added value, in one way or another, to my life. I also did things I never thought I would do. Like… Continue reading 11 Commas And A Full stop.