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How to Deal with Toxic Parents

There's nothing worse than being emotionally abused, unless you're being abused by the very people who raised you – your parents. Undoubtedly, it's the goal of almost every parent to ensure that his child is happy, successful, and has a decent upbringing, but what happens when your parents are so blinded by their love and… Continue reading How to Deal with Toxic Parents

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Life For Rent

I fear death, but what I fear more is dying. I've witnessed many people die slowly. Gradually. But I've never really watched them die. I've never watched anyone breathe his last. I also have never seen a dead body in real life. Even when my grandma died, I insisted I wasn't shown her body. Because I'm scared of death, and what scares me more is dying.

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What do you have — Happiness or Joy?

Joy and happiness are two feelings or traits so much similar that people often confuse one for the other. Happiness is the feeling you get when you're satisfied with your well-being, or when you're graced with favourable conditions. Joy on the other hand is an extreme feeling of peace (and happiness) you experience, irrespective of… Continue reading What do you have — Happiness or Joy?


Could Life Be Any More Silent?

Today, I stood there again.... by the traffic lights... Life in my city is a very busy, hectic, and yet soothingly quiet one. Everyday, as I made my way to work, I felt "silence" the second I stopped to buy a thing or two from a shop very close to a certain traffic light. Or… Continue reading Could Life Be Any More Silent?

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A Nature That Might Have Prevented Our Nature Today.

Today's prompt, dubious, really got me thinking, and made me see things from a different perspective. I used to be veeery dubious about everything back then -- my dreams, my goals, my decisions, my actions, and my reactions to that of others. But now, let's just say I'm a bit less dubious about things than… Continue reading A Nature That Might Have Prevented Our Nature Today.


Gingerly Careless.

I've always loved writing, and if there's one thing I love after writing, it's spending time with animals, mostly cats. Like the kitten whose presence I was graced with yesterday. Her owner, a friend of mine, placed a bowl of milk for her very close to me. The first three minutes after she did that… Continue reading Gingerly Careless.