How My November Played Out

And the award for the worst month of the year goes to... NOVEMBER! While the award for the worst blogger of the year goes to... Me, Of course. Who am I kidding? *sigh* Oh, I'm sorry. Where are my manners? Hello everyone! How are you doing? How have you been? Gosh, it feels like it's… Continue reading How My November Played Out


How Often Should You Blog?

One of the many things that puzzle newbie bloggers is how often they should blog. Is it best to blog once a week? Or will blogging every day be more effective? Frankly, there is no right or wrong answer to how frequently you should blog. It solely depends on how consistent you are and how… Continue reading How Often Should You Blog?


My Blogging Process

Today, I'll tell you the story behind every blog post I write, the process involved in turning my ideas into scribbles, then drafts, and finally, blog posts! There's a blog post in everyone, every place, and every moment shared, and it seems I see this blog post shortly after midnight every day. LOL. I have… Continue reading My Blogging Process


How to Beat Writer’s Block: 5 Tips That Help

Some say it's a myth, but whether or not that's true, it's no doubt something all writers face. You just can't escape it. You sit back in your chair, chewing your pen and staring at your notebook with an expression that's just as blank as the sheet in front of you. When you write something,… Continue reading How to Beat Writer’s Block: 5 Tips That Help


My Top 5 Favourite Mobile Apps

I have close to ninety applications installed on my phone and just five of them are games; the rest are system apps and some other applications I either downloaded to keep me busy when I'm bored – like my Moon+ Reader – or to help me write and blog more professionally. Of the few apps… Continue reading My Top 5 Favourite Mobile Apps


Bedtime Stories: My Grandma’s Old Locket

Hey, guys! 😊 So I just started writing flash fiction today on my Facebook timeline. My followers there love this very story and think I should continue writing horror/ghost stories like this in a new Facebook series – Bedtime Stories. Now, I know that I mostly blog about self-improvement (for teens) and my blogging/writing experience… Continue reading Bedtime Stories: My Grandma’s Old Locket


How to Live a Successful Teenage Life

The early years of adolescence can be overwhelming for every teenager. As a teen, you'd feel like adulthood is coming on a bit too early and the carefree, immature, unprepared and unsuccessful YOU is just not ready to take on the responsibilities of being your everyday busy adult. Truth be told, life as a teenager… Continue reading How to Live a Successful Teenage Life


I’m Sorry I Disappointed You

I feel like a disappointment and failure to you, my readers. In fact, before I read Esther's blog post three days ago, I was very confused – I didn't know what to write or how to write it. I feel terribly guilty for a lot of things, most especially for failing to keep my promise.… Continue reading I’m Sorry I Disappointed You

Life and Inspiration

Open Letter to Every Teen || You Can Be Everything You Want to Be

As kids, the future was a beautiful, frightening thing to look forward to, and as kids, we all wanted to be doctors and lawyers. We didn't want to know how possible or impossible that was, we just wanted to be doctors and lawyers so badly. And then, time happened: years passed and we became teenagers.… Continue reading Open Letter to Every Teen || You Can Be Everything You Want to Be


10 Reasons You Should Start Blogging Today

If you're looking for a space to express yourself or you're in search of a super interesting way to promote your (company's) brand or products, then blogging is probably your best option. Blogging promises a lot of benefits and there are many reasons why you should start a blog today. In this article, I'll mention… Continue reading 10 Reasons You Should Start Blogging Today


Is Pornography A Sin?

The word, pornography, when mentioned or seen, commands a diversity of reactions, views and opinions. What are your thoughts on pornography? Do you think acting and watching pornographic films is a sin? I believe it is! And not just a sin, but also a morally degrading act that ensnares you in a trap of guilty… Continue reading Is Pornography A Sin?


Can I Trust You?

Just how much should you be trusted? And how much should I be willing to sacrifice just to defend and vouch for you? Today, I remembered an incident that occurred last year in a school I used to work. It is a primary school and I was a part-time teacher there. I didn't earn much… Continue reading Can I Trust You?