How I Developed My Written Vocabulary

When I glance over my blog posts and other types of content I've written during the past six years, I can't help but marvel at how much my vocabulary has improved with time. Like every writer, I once struggled to write coherently. And it was frustrating because each time I had an idea I badly… Continue reading How I Developed My Written Vocabulary


Why does grammar matter in your writing?

Once upon a time, I was told that grammar shouldn't matter as long as you can communicate your ideas to your readers and they can understand you. After all, if your readers can understand what you're saying, they wouldn't mind you using poor grammar to share your thoughts, right? Maybe. Maybe not. I suppose it… Continue reading Why does grammar matter in your writing?


9Perspectives || Who is a Writer?

Two weeks ago, a friend on Facebook threw an open question that stirred up trouble and controversy from his followers. He asked: “Must you be skilled in writing before you can call yourself a writer?” If you say yes, why, then, do we find the “writer” label in the bios of people who have terrible… Continue reading 9Perspectives || Who is a Writer?