When liking other bloggers’ posts becomes a sin

Have you ever liked an article written by a fellow blogger and got a notification seconds later saying the blogger who wrote that article has just liked about ten of your blog posts?

How did you feel when that happened?… – Happy? Maybe grateful?

I should hope not.

I always get a bit angry when a blogger goes on a liking spree simply because I had just liked one of his posts – especially when it’s obvious he didn’t read any of the posts he liked. I am one of those who believe that you should only like an article when you actually read that article and enjoyed reading it.

I know some of you will disagree with this argument, but that’s all right. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

So tell me, why do you like posts written by other bloggers?

Is it because you enjoy the posts or something about the posts? … like the grammar, the writing style, or maybe even the person who wrote it?

Or is it because you feel it’s your obligation as their follower?

And lastly, do you see anything wrong with liking someone’s post when you didn’t read it?

Let’s discuss.


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64 thoughts on “When liking other bloggers’ posts becomes a sin”

  1. I’ll only like if I have nothing to say. I realize that people may just “like” my stuff, hoping to placate me. It doesn’t matter I guess.

    If my stuff is good then only time will tell. If someone just likes stuff to placate me, then so be it.

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    1. Love the attitude. I also don’t mind when people like my posts to appease me – when they like it one at a time, though. 😂
      It’s just so creepy when someone suddenly likes all your posts in like a minute just because you liked one of his. 😑

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      1. Yeah, I can understand that Obinna. I just don’t try to assume I guess.

        Maybe they are very busy, maybe they just want to drive traffic to their blog. Who knows, not me. Since I don’t know, I don’t waste my time worrying about it.

        That’s just my two cents though, take it for what it’s worth and with a grain of salt.

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    1. Exactly what I said in my reply to the comment above yours! I usually don’t mind when the likes are paced; as in, when the likes come in one at a time. I guess I’m just making a big deal out of the issue. 😁

      Thanks for your contribution, Desire. ❤

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  2. I really dunno, but personally, I prefer it if the person didn’t like my post than to like all and not read it. If you did not read it, don’t like. I know sometimes, people use it to show support but frankly, it doesn’t make me feel good.

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    1. We share the same opinion, Nakas. I write my posts for people to read, discuss and learn. I don’t write posts just so people can like it without reading, thinking they’re supporting me in someway.

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  3. 🤔 I have experienced the same thing, Obinna.

    Now, I do not mind receiving numerous “Likes” from a single blogger (Provided that they took the time to read my blog posts).

    However, it annoys me whenever they press the “Like” button for the mere sake of pressing the “Like” button.

    Those bloggers are desperate for attention and by pressing the “Like” button continuously they are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping that you check out the blog posts on their blog.

    That sort of thing happens a lot on WordPress!

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    1. Oh, I agree! It’s WordPress bloggers that are mostly guilty of this. It’s people that do this that are bold enough to leave generic comments, like “Nice post” on a post that contradicts the comment; like a post where the writer is complaining about how depressed he has been feeling lately.

      Most people here think they’re doing us a favour when they like and comment on our posts even without reading them. They should all think again.

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  4. A very good article, I felt this myself recently but rather than getting a lot of likes on several posts all at once, I got a lot of likes on a post that had accidentally not saved and it was the draft (just a thought-dump of my notes – not even in sentences) that went live.

    Within the time of it going live and me realising, several people had liked it and even shared it on their blogs and their social media! lol

    I think some people do feel obligated to click like and in truth, if we follow someone it’s usually because we are interested in their thoughts so the likelihood is we will like the article.

    The only time I’ve been guilty of this, is if I’m reading through someone’s blog and then four articles in I realise I haven’t clicked like on the articles I enjoyed so I’ve scrolled back up to do so.

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    1. Ah, that’s very funny. 😂
      And I agree with you. People feel obligated to like posts written by the people they’re following; just like most people feel obligated to follow back everyone that follows them. (It took me a while to escape this trap… Hehehe)

      Your last paragraph makes me wonder, though. Maybe it’s not every time someone goes on a “subtle” liking spree that I should be quick to assume he didn’t read my posts before liking them. Maybe, like you, he actually read the posts but only forget to like them. Hmm.

      Thank you for your contribution, Ari! ❤
      If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from your comment, it’s that I probably shouldn’t jump into conclusions whenever someone suddenly likes many of my posts. 😊

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      1. I agree with you re: the trap of feeling like you need to “follow everyone who follows you”. I stopped that after I realised I was following blogs in languages I couldn’t read or on topics that were of no interest to me.

        I think there is a possibility that people will like a few posts all at once, doing what I’ve done, where they’ve read through a post of two then gone back to like them.

        I especially do that if I find an article through Pinterest, and then jump to another article via an internal link. 🙂

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  5. There’s this joy I get when I see more likes on my post…(not like it’s helping me in my life in anyway). Lol, but still, it’s disheartening to know when people likes your post just because you liked theirs…. I remember having a conversation on this with my friend, we both agreed that the photo wasn’t fine(mehnnn!, it was damn ugly) but she said “Abeg, what’s my business, I go sha like am” I wondered why, she said so far you are her friend she’ll like your post
    Just as you said, most people like some post so as to appease the owner of the post
    Well, to me it’s not an offence to like a person’s post if you don’t read it, but liking it in return for your own post to be like, that’s an offence

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  6. On Facebook, I like my friends photos whether they’re fooiiiinnnnee or they’re just fine. 😁
    I just think I owe it to them as a friend. Now, on WordPress, it’s slightly different. I don’t feel obligated to like posts written by people I’m following. Rather, I feel obligated to read posts written by people I’m following, and since I like almost everything I read, I “LIKE” almost everything I read.

    This is why I get annoyed when people like my posts without reading. Maybe I’m just inconsiderate… I don’t know.

    Thank you for your valuable contribution, Dalaphina.
    You’ve got a nice name, by the way. 😊


    1. Lol, thanks.
      That’s one of my nicknames
      I got the name from a friend, she merged the name of a very close friend with mine, making our names become one… Funny right?

      You have a nice native name too

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  7. I think you and I have discussed the issue of spam “Likes” – not cool.
    It’s funny, because I was just thinking yesterday about doing a similar post about comments. I still might in the next couple of days.
    I don’t always like posts. People ask me why not. But I prefer comments, so I mostly leave comments.
    I like when I have nothing to say and I really liked it, or when I really, really agree.

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    1. Yes, we’ve discussed this issue before. 😁
      And truly, I’ve always wondered why you comment on most of my posts without liking them. I often think it’s because you didn’t really like reading them, but I get it now. 😊

      I’m anticipating your posts about spam comments. 😋

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  8. This might not be entirely true. Take for example today, a blogger liked one of my post and I decided to check out the person’s blog and turns out I was genuinely into each and every article the person had written that I ended up liking norw than five of them!

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    1. You have a valid point. Someone brought up this argument yesterday, and I agree with you. It might be genuine when the likes are paced. As in, when they have a few minutes in between them. But the blogger I mentioned in my post liked nearly fifteen of my posts in less than a minute after I liked his post. I just thought it was suspicious and dishonest. 😊

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  9. I turned my notifications off after this happened to me overnight! I don’t always comment, indeed, sometimes I see ‘liking’ as letting a regular blogger that I read, know I’ve read their work. Sometimes, I won’t like and comment and wait till I’m on my laptop rather than on the phone as commenting on my phone app annoys me!

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    1. Yes, I do that, too. I don’t always comment because most of the time, I can’t find the right words to use, so I just like to let the blogger know I’ve read his post.
      Spammers – both the ones who spam likes and the ones who spam comments – are very annoying people!

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  10. I joined my first “blog party” for New Year when I ran across across a post from “puppydoc” and wow! You’re right about getting a lot of notifications! My email inbox was inundated! I went through them and visited the blogs and read some posts, and “liking” when the post resonated with me. When I’m on my mobile device, it’s hard to write comments and so I will just “like” the post and may not write a comment until later. Thanks for writing an intriguing post — having too many likes has never (ever) been an issue for me, since I’ve never had many followers. Now that I plan to write more consistently, maybe I’ll feel differently? Not sure. But I hope my writing resonates with a few people.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience! Sometimes, having a few followers has its benefits. As much as I love getting genuine likes and comments, the notifications are just too much sometimes, and I don’t even have many followers! 😂
      I wonder how the struggle will get when I do get more followers.

      It’s good that you plan to write more consistently. I’ve resolved to do the same this year as I kind of wasted 2018 as a blogger. I wish you a successful blogventure and a happy 2019 experience!


  11. I know right. I’m kind of guilty of this but I don’t go on liking spree except I check the person’s wall and see what interests me then I like what I actually like because I feel bad when someone just goes on a liking spree on my posts, it’s like the person is indirectly saying “Just take the like”…

    Now, I have stopped doing that. Even if it’s a picture and it isn’t fine to me, I just waka pass.

    Someone liking your posts would sure make you happy but it isn’t worth it if not for the right reason.

    And sometimes, especially for videos, I like it even though it might not be up to my own “taste” but because I know how much courage it takes to put oneself out there. In a video.
    Lord knows how many videos I have taken but never posted any because it wasn’t “good enough”.

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    1. Wow! I didn’t know you blog, Seyi.

      I agree that liking someone’s posts for the wrong reasons isn’t worth it. Some people like our posts, thinking they’re doing us a favour… It’s just not right.

      Liking videos to support those who uploaded it makes sense now that you put it this way. It takes great courage to post a video of yourself, and I guess, getting many likes on your video can be a big encouragement in the long run.

      I look forward to the day you’ll share those videos 😊


  12. I’m a bit guilty here. If someone goes on a liking spree on my posts, I return same but I’ll only like posts with catchy headlines. Well, I don’t get angry or feel bad when bloggers do that though. What I do now is to drop a comment if I like your writing style or I can relate to the post instead of just clicking the like button and I don’t feel obligated to do so as your follower.

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    1. I’m happy you’ve dropped the habit of dashing out likes to people because they gave some to you. What you do now is the right thing to do. It’s better to tell the blogger what you liked about their post than to just click like when you never even read the post.

      Thanks for stopping by, Maryanne!

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    1. Because of the argument most people who commented brought to the table, I don’t know what to believe anymore. 😂
      Some people gave “good” reasons why people go on a liking spree… My opinion remains unchanged. I still think it’s dishonest and creepy.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! 😊

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  13. You asked — “So tell me, why do you like posts written by other bloggers?”

    My response — I will like a post if something in it catches my attention, I learn something new, or it has a positive message that I agree with. Those are the greater reasons I click like.

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  14. I am not going to lie when I first started out, I never had enough time to read all my followers content so to show my support I would like their content. But now, I try and read as much as possible and like the content I do get around to reading. Thank you for sharing your view on this topic

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  15. Agreed. I find it funny when this happens and I’m in the notification box just watching the mass liking commence… it doesn’t even make sense either! Why like ten posts in two seconds? What is the goal here?

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    1. I agree! It makes no sense at all! Those who do this usually do because they think that we would be grateful for the likes and reciprocate the likes or follow their blogs. If only they knew how twisted their mindset is.

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